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Tree Fellas Blog

Tree surgery Burston Norfolk  Image

Sycamore to reduce and cherry to pollard.

Tree surgery Burston Norfolk

Today we returned to a customer we have worked for before to reduce trees back from electric wires and pollard a cherry that had started to show signs of die back.

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Tree surgery Hethersett Norfolk  Image

Garden with trees blocking the winter sun.

Tree surgery Hethersett Norfolk

Today we felled and pollarded several trees including chestnut, conifer and sycamore to allow light into a property in Hethersett Norfolk. 

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Tree felling Rickinghall  Image

Ivy covered tree over gravestones.

Tree felling Rickinghall

Today we had the sensitive job of felling a tree over gravestones. To eliminate any damage we sectionally dismantled the tree lowering it on a rope system.

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Tree surgery Claydon Suffolk  Image

Mature conifer that was leaning over a client house to be felled.

Tree surgery Claydon Suffolk

Today we felled a conifer in Claydon near Ipswich as it was leaning towards the house and blocking light. 

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