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Beech reduction Mendlesham Suffolk.  Image

Mature beech tree that has outgrown the space it's in. 

Beech reduction Mendlesham Suffolk.

Today we reduced a much loved beech tree for a customer in Mendlesham Suffolk. Beech trees need to be reduced sensitively as they do not always respond well to heavy pruning. 

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Tree surgery Norwich. Image

80ft poplar to pollard right down to 8ft.

Tree surgery Norwich.

In Norwich today tackling an awkward poplar. The customer had had another company doing several other poplars but they weren't prepared to do this one. We get calls like this more often than you... more

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Conifer reductions Yaxley Suffolk  Image

Very large conifers within feet of customers house.

Conifer reductions Yaxley Suffolk

I love doing jobs where you can really make a difference for people. In this case the customer had recently moved into a property which was dominated by 60ft mature conifers. The job was made more... more

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